Vietnam Ambassador and authorities visited Cuel Wind Farm

The visit was carried out in the framework of a program promoted by the Biobío Development Corporation, which seeks to enhance regional economic collaboration.

November 5, 2018

The Cuel Wind Farm, located near the city of Los Angeles, received the visit of Vietnam’s Ambassador in Chile and local authorities, as part of a program promoted by the Biobío Development Corporation, which seeks to enhance regional economic collaboration.

The delegation that visited the wind farm, owned by Aela Energía, was composed by the Ambassador of Vietnam in Chile, Nguyen Ngoc Son, the governor of Biobío, Vladimir Ignacio Fica; and representatives of the Biobío Development Corporation.

The visit stemmed from the interest of our country’s maximum representative of Vietnamese diplomacy, to learn about the Biobío region’s main productive vocations. These include the logistic chain, with an important variety of product entry and exit ports; agro-industrial activity as a source of food and industry products; and power generation. In regard to this last area, it was underlined that the region is heading to become a national level leader in the renewable energy generation segment.

“The visit aims to study the business potential of the Biobío region. Our desire is for Chile and Vietnam to increase their cooperation in the exchange of mutual knowledge and especially in the economic-commercial field, said Nguyen Ngoc Son, Vietnam’s Ambassador in Chile.

Governor Vladimir Ignacio Fica, in turn, commented “with regard to the energy issue, our province is very important. These visits broaden the spectrum to forge necessary relations for future investments to benefit our region and the country. The task is to continue to generate ties with other countries.”

“Vietnam is a country compatible with our markets and this corporation aims to internationalize the region and to generate links with countries that can buy our products. Our wish is for this initiative to take local producers closer to new markets”, said José Miguel Stegmeier, board member of the Biobío Development Corporation.

In the Cuel wind farm, the operation of 22 wind turbines that inject energy into the national system was highlighted, coexisting with agricultural activities in sowing and harvesting of chicory and dairy production.

Finally, José Torres, Head of Community Relations at Cuel Wind Farm, said he was proud that the Cuel wind farm was chosen for this visit, “since it represents what the Biobío region wants to show the world: An area that combines sustainability, entrepreneurship and economic development”, he added.


Renewable energy

The Cuel wind Farm is located 12 km west of the city of Los Angeles, in the region of Biobío, and belongs to Aela Energía, a renewable energy generation company founded in 2013.

The wind farm has 22 wind turbines, which together account for a 33 MW capacity, and generates enough energy to supply 55,000 households, which is roughly equivalent to all the households in the Los Angeles community.

The company currently operates the Cuel Wind Farm and is building the Aurora Wind Farm in the Los Lagos region, which will have a nominal capacity of 129 MW, and the Sarco Wind Farm, which will have 170 MW and is located in the Atacama Region.