Sarco Wind Farm receives its first towers

The towers were transported from the Huasco Port to the construction site.

25 April 2018

On Monday 23 April, turbine components, specifically tower sections, started to be transported from the Huasco Port, in the Atacama Region, to Sarco Wind Farm, located in the Freirena Municipality, approximately 60 kilometers southwest of the city of same name.

This important transfer marks a milestone in the construction of this wind generation project, as the first delivery of main turbine components. Over the next few days, blades and  drive trains, nacelles and hubs will also be shipped, giving rise to the machines’ lifting.

Sarco will be composed of 50 wind turbines, adding an installed capacity of 170 MW, equivalent to the energy consumption of approximately 270,000 households. In addition, it will have a transmission line to transport the energy produced by the wind turbines to a step-up substation.