Freirina, Atacama Region

Sarco Wind Farm participated in the Second Major Citizens’ Fair

The activity, focused on strengthening students’ civic training, was attended by authorities, representatives of the Office for Productive Development and of the region’s main companies  

November 19, 2018

The Sarco Wind Farm, which belongs to Aela Energía, participated yesterday in the Second Major Citizens’ Fair, an event held at Escuela Alejandro Noemí Huerta, located in the municipality of Freirina, Atacama Region.

This initiative – included as part of the Citizens’ Training Plan promoted by the Ministry of Education- seeks to bring students closer to the work carried out by the Productive Promotion Office, aimed to promote and boost local economy through the efficient use of the municipality’s existing resources, stimulating economic growth, job creation and the strengthening of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

In this Major Citizens’ Fair, representatives of Sarco Wind Farm apprised the community on the project’s progress and conversed with students about renewable energy and its benefits for the region and country.

“It was very enjoyable to participate in this fair and observe the interest of the people of Freirina in our project and to have a direct and close relationship with students and the community in general,” remarked Simón Lopez, Sarco Wind Farm’s Head of Community Relations.

In this meeting, open to the community, authorities, representatives of the Productive Development Office and of the region’s main companies also participated.

Sarco Wind Farm

The Sarco Wind Farm is a wind generation project that belongs to Aela Energía, located in the Municipality of Freirina, approximately 60 kilometers southwest from the city of same name, in the region of Atacama. The wind farm will be composed of 50 wind turbines, adding 170 MW in installed power, equivalent to the energy consumption of approximately 270,000 households. It will have a transmission line to transport the energy produced by wind turbines to a step-up substation. At that point, energy will be injected into the Sistema Interconectado Central (SIC), through a 73 km overhead power line joining the wind farm and the Maitencillo substation.