Sarco Wind Farm and Diaguita Chipasse Tatara indigenous community inaugurate solar project

The 10.4 kWP photovoltaic solar plant will feed solar energy into irrigation water pumping during daytime hours.

03 August 2018

Within the framework of the cooperation and sustainability agreement entered into by the Chipasse Tatara Diaguita indigenous community (DIC) and Sarco Wind Farm, an important irrigation energy generation initiative developed by the community was inaugurated in late July.

The project consisted in the installation and commissioning of a 10.4 Kwp photovoltaic solar plant that will feed solar energy to pump irrigation water during daytime hours, significantly reducing energy consumption by farmers of the Chipasse Tatara community.

“This project demonstrates that communities and companies can work together in a serious and transparent way, especially when they respect their autonomy and develop beneficial initiatives, which are a true contribution,” noted Nicolás Espinoza, Environment and Community Manager.

The inauguration event was attended by community members, leaders and executives of the Sarco Wind Farm.