Marta Zahonero de Águeda has more than 10 years of experience in law firms and companies, having developed her professional career mainly in the commercial sector and public and private contracting.

Since 2016, Marta serves as a Senior Lawyer at TMF Group, being directly responsible for a team in charge of the daily management of a portfolio of companies, ensuring that the latter are up to date with their commercial obligations in accordance with current legislation, in coordination with local authorities and legal advisors. In particular, she is responsible for the Board Secretariat of a group of companies and for the organization of Board meetings, Shareholders’ Meetings, and the preparation and review of the documentation for the restructuring processes of companies.

Previously, since 2013, when she joined TMF group, Marta worked in the implementation, structuring and financing of international structures, the development of cross-border transactions, and in the administration of investments in Spain as well as in the compliance of local obligations by said structures.

Previously, between 2011 and 2013, Marta’s practice focused on the legal research sector (areas of Legal, Social, Political and Administration Sciences).

Regarding her academic background, Marta graduated in Law in June 2002 from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, completing her studies with a specialization in Public State Law. She also has specialized training on European Union, completing her studies with a Master in Politics and Democracy at the UNED.