Ignacio has worked in the financial services business for over 20 years. He joined Grupo Santander in 1993, where he served as Investments Manager for Compañía de Seguros de Vida. In 2000 he joined Citigroup, in the position of Vice President, where he was responsible for the distribution of the Asset Management and Treasury units. Later, he held the positions of Investment Manager and General Manager of AFP Cuprum with over 700,000 clients and assets in excess of US$35 billion. He is a member of the Advisory Council on Capital Markets of Chile’s Finance Ministry, of the Advisory Council of Universidad Catolica’s Center for Corporate Governance, of ICARE’s Finance and Business Circle and Director of Inbest Chile. He is also part-time professor at the business schools of Universidad Católica and Universidad de Los Andes. He is currently director of AFP Prima in Lima, Peru, Credicorp Capital in Santiago, Chile and Aela Energía in Madrid, Spain.