Fundación PRODEMU and the Cuel Wind Farm provide technical and economic support to women’s business ventures.

The agreement contemplates the provision of seed capital to 24 women from rural areas in Los Angeles.

17 August 2018

On 16 August, the Cuel Wind Farm signed a collaboration agreement with Fundación Prodemu, to provide technical and economic support women’s business ventures in the rural areas of the Municipality of Los Angeles.

“We are happy to work coordinately to contribute to this initiative that empowers women in their role as businesspersons and workers, and which is in line with our commitment to support the development of the communities where our projects are located”, said Nicolás Espinoza, Environment and Community Manager of Aela Energía.

The agreement contemplates the delivery of seed capital to 24 women in the Mesamávida sector, which will help them to strengthen their enterprises and, consequently, to promote their economic autonomy. Together with the foregoing, they will be provided technical support in gastronomy, as well as in the execution of their business ventures.

“I wish to highlight the success of the wind farm’s operation with respect to its liaison with the communities, through ongoing dialogue and joint work in initiatives to contribute to local development. The Cuel Wind Farm is a worthy example for other private companies to emulate such important initiatives, “said Fundación Prodemu’s Regional Executive Director, Jessica Flores Reyes.