First wind turbine installed in Aurora Wind Farm

Situated in the Llanquihue municipality, this project will have an installed capacity of 129 MW, equivalent to the consumption of approximately 195,000 households.

10 August 2018

On Thursday, the first wind farm was lifted in the Aurora Wind Farm, located in the municipality of Llanquihue, Los Lagos Region.

This was the first of 43 turbines to be installed in this project, which will have an installed capacity of 129 megawatts (MW), equivalent to the energy consumption of approximately 195,000 households.

“This is an important milestone in the construction of the project, which, despite the region’s adverse climatic conditions, is moving forward,” stated José Luis Muñoz, General Manager of the Aurora Wind Farm.

These wind turbines, provided by the German company Senvion, have an individual capacity of 3 MW.  Their assembly process, which in part depends on wind conditions, can take between 3 to 5 days and is quite complex due to the dimensions of the equipment. Each tower is 119 meters high and each blade has a 61-meter radius.

The energy generated by the wind farm’s turbines will be collected by an underground transportation system and conducted to a substation, to be injected into the National Electrical System (SEN).