We have a 332 MW portfolio, consisting of three wind farms strategically located throughout Chile: Sarco Wind Farm, Cuel Wind Farm and Aurora Wind Farm.

In 2014, our first project went into operation:  Cuel Wind Farm located in the Biobío region. With an installed capacity of 33MW, this plant accounted for the largest plant factor at national level during its first year of operation and the second largest during the following year.

Subsequently, construction of the Sarco and Aurora wind farms was completed in early 2019, and currently both plants are in full operation. The Sarco Wind Farm is located in the Municipality of Freirina, Atacama region, and has an installed capacity of 170 MW. The Aurora Wind Farm, located in the Municipality of Llanquihue, Los Lagos Region, has a nominal capacity of 129 MW. 

In addition, at Aela we are permanently evaluating projects in operation or in an advanced stage of development that meet our technical and economic standards to include them in our project portfolio.

The Sarco Wind Farm has 170 MW of installed capacity and is located in the Atacama Region, in the Municipality of Freirina. It is one of the largest in Chile and is part of a unique wind power generation hub in the country.

It has 50 wind turbines distributed in the desert of Atacama. It has a step-up substation and a 71-km transmission line linking the wind farm with the Maitencillo substation of the National Electrical System.

The construction of this transmission line included 4000 hours of helicopter flights, with minimal intervention in the territory, taking care of and respecting the site’s flora and fauna.

The operation of this wind farm supplies 270 thousand households, which correspond to the total households of the regions of Arica and Parinacota, and Antofagasta.

In addition, its operation will prevent 183 thousand tons of CO2 emissions annually, which is equivalent to planting a forest of 367 thousand adult trees.

Power: 170 MW

Location: Atacama Region

Wind Turbines: 50

A 33 MW wind farm, located in the Biobío Region, 12 km west of the city of Los Angeles.

It has 22 wind turbines distributed in mainly flat land dedicated to agriculture, livestock and forestry. It includes a step-up substation.

The project began its energy injections into the grid during its dry run on December 11, 2013 and began commercial operations on February 5, 2014.

In 2014 – first year of operation – the Cuel Wind Farm registered the best plant factor, annual average, while in 2015 it ranked second at national level.

Thanks to the operation of this wind farm, clean energy is generated to supply 55 thousand households, equivalent to the total households of the Talcahuano Municipality. With this, 36 thousand tons of CO2 are prevented annually, equivalent to the definite withdrawal of more than 3 million incandescent light bulbs.

Power: 33 MW

Location: Bio Bío Region

Wind Turbines: 22

The Aurora Wind Farm, located in the municipality of Llanquihue, 15 km from the municipality of same name, Los Lagos Region, is one of the largest in Chile and the largest of its kind in the region. It comprises 43 wind turbines, with an installed capacity of 129 MW.

It has an underground transmission line to transport the energy produced by the wind turbines to a step-up substation. Thus, the energy generated in Aurora is supplied to the National Electrical System (SEN), through a tap-off connection to the 220kV “Rahue-Puerto Montt” trunk transmission line, owned by Transelec, the same one that runs through the wind farm’s land.

The operation of this wind farm generates energy to supply 195 thousand households, which is equivalent to the total households of the Los Ríos and Aysén regions. In addition, its operation prevent the emission of 134 thousand tons of CO2 annually, which is equal to approximately 111 thousand cars withdrawn from use.

Power: 129 MW

Location: Lagos Region

Wind turbines: 43