Capacity : 33 MW

Location: Biobío region

Wind turbines : 22


This wind farm has 33 MW of installed capacity and is located in the Biobío region, 12 km west of Los Angeles city.

Cuel has 22 wind turbines distributed in mainly flat lands devoted to agriculture, livestock and forestry. It also has a booster substation.

The wind farm began its power injections to the grid in December 11th under a trial period and began its commercial operations in February 5th, 2014.

The Cuel wind farm is integrated into an area where numerous families live, where educational establishments exist and agricultural activities are carried out. Therefore, Aela has developed an integration policy that aims to ensure permanence of the productive base and the participation of the local community to boost initiatives that contribute to environmental development.

In 2014 – first year of operation-the Cuel wind farm had the best capacity factor, considering an annual average. Meanwhile, in 2015 Cuel reached the second place at national level and considering the plants that operated the whole year.