Aela is owned by two partners: Actis (60%), a private equity firm focused on investments in emerging markets, and Mainstream Renewable Power (40%), a global renewable energy developer.

Aela has a governance system, overseen by the Board of Directors, which seeks to guarantee fulfillment of company objectives and best business practices. In this way, the board members are concerned about cooperating with the Management in the adoption and compliance with strategic plans, protection of company finances, ensure that there is an adequate internal management and control system, and assess the Company’s performance.

In addition, there are three committees consisting in members of the Board and where the Aela Management participates, the purpose of which is to go into deeper detail on the different key issues for the company. Each of the Committees’ functions are described below.

Environmental, Social and Governance Committee (ESG)

This Committee, which meets three times a year, is responsible for establishing and overseeing health, safety, environment and community policies, standards and procedures. Along these lines, this Committee oversees the company’s compliance with the international standards that apply to the areas it is responsible for, such as IFC, the Equator Principles and Best Practices.

Audit Committee

This committee, which meets at least on a quarterly basis, is responsible for evaluating and proposing plans of action on the Company’s financial management, defining the assignment of external audits, reviewing internal control systems, examining company practices and policies and evaluating internal and external financial reports prior to their presentation to shareholders. It is comprised of members external to the company management and operates under strict standards that guarantee its members’ independence and transparency.

Remunerations Committee

This committee meets according to the required need and has the duty of defining the stategy and setting the remunerations and compensations of the company’s staff. It is composed by a representative of each of the shareholders in the Board of Directors.

Steering Committee

This committee meets biweekly and is responsible for defining the strategy and supervising the implementation of technical matters related to the construction and operation of the company’s assets and their performance. It is composed by a representative of each of the shareholders appointed by the Board of Directors.


Our Code of Conduct acts as a road map that helps us in our ongoing process of professionalization based on solid principles that we must fulfill. This proactive and solid focus results in a healthy and safe company for the future, one that continually works for the good of society and the environment.

We forge solid relationships by acting honestly; integrity and respect make the cornerstone for building successful and sustainable relationships with our partners, clients, governments and other interested third parties. This Code of Ethics is an invitation to all of the staff at Aela Energía to incorporate the principles established in this document as part of our commitment to being a solid, fruitful and successful company.

Code of Conduct


Aligned with the highest standards and policies of corporate governance, and with the implementation of law 20.393, a new service has been incorporated in Aela Energía, which consists in a direct communication channel between the personnel and the Company Management. The purpose of this channel is to communicate in an anonymous, confidential and secure way the existence of irregularities within the Company or any kind of situation that disagrees with a good ethical work climate or affects the Company assets.

800 835 133

Explanatory brochure of Ethical Hotline


In accordance with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, this is a statement of the steps that the Aela Energia group has taken to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in our business or in our supply chains.

The members of the Aela Energia group, including Aquila Renewable Limited and Carina Renewable Limited, have approved and adopted this statement.

UK Modern Slavery Act Statement


In this section you will find corporate information of Aela, including technical aspects of our projects, community activities, our presence in press and also an overview of the non-conventional renewable energy market in Chile.

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