As a company, we are motivated by the generation of clean energy, transforming our energy matrix and taking care of the environment.

This same premise encourages us to develop projects and integrate into the territory and its communities, in a respectful and sustainable way.

We base our work on a proactive approach, where policies and standards regarding the environment and relations with the community are the fundamental axes for the operation of successful and sustainable projects.

Health, Safety and Environment

For Aela Energía, the environment and workers’ health and safety are of the utmost priority, which is expressed in a philosophy of a responsible operation in continual improvement. Thus, in addition to complying with current regulations, policies and procedures are designed in compliance with the highest of international standards and consider the following commitments:

  • Compliance with IFC Industry Best Practices and Performance Standards, in addition to agreements like ILO Convention 169.
  • Compliance with Health, Safety and Environment Guidelines for the Wind Power industry and the Equator Principals (updated as of June 2013).
  • Support and respect for the protection of fundamental human rights, as internationally recognized.

The materialization of these policies is translated into the implementation of integrated management systems through a Management Plan that seeks to ensure compliance with regulations and the operational excellence targets set.

The company is firmly committed to providing healthy workplace environments, promoting the efficient use of and protection of natural resources, implementing a risk monitoring and control system, operating in accordance with Aela’s principles of responsibility and respect for the environment, and developing clear and auditable plans for compliance with the responsible management targets set in line with the operation principles.

Community Relations

From a social perspective, in addition to establishing an early dialogue and creating relationships of trust with our neighbors, we are deeply and voluntarily committed to local development. To this end, we have ongoing support from field professionals and an investment fund, aimed at implementing initiatives arising from the community’s own needs.

With our community investment fund, we provide the community with monetary funds, training courses, materials, among others, for the development of projects in three strategic lines: entrepreneurship, education, and the environment.

Under our work methodology, Aela Energía’s role is to accompany and empower the community to achieve the success of these initiatives, as protagonists of their own development.