Our company is governed by operational and quality policies that guarantee our energy supplies can be adjusted to clients’ needs and contribute to making their businesses competitive.

We have a top-notch human team, state-of-the-art technology and international operation standards that allow us to fulfill our commitments to each of the stakeholders that interact with our projects and facilities: neighbors, society, clients, government and private sector.

Our value proposition is based on the following attributes:


Our company offers innovative, flexible solutions that meet our clients’ needs in terms of clean energy supplies.


We have products that allow us to guarantee our clients reliable energy supplies thanks to a geographically diversified portfolio based on wind and solar power.


We offer supplies with a highly competitive cost-quality relationship, based on efficient management.

Support and high standards

We have efficient projects that are of high technical quality thanks to our shareholders’ experience and the capacities and skill of our executives.

Relations philosophy

Aela operates according to a philosophy of continual dialogue, the building of trust, public participation and commitment to local development.