The renewable energy generation company Aela Energía was founded in June 2013 to deliver a plan to build and operate 600 MW of wind and solar power projects in Chile.  The company is owned by Actis  (60%), a global fund that aims to invest in developing countries, and Mainstream Renewable Power (40%), global developer of renewable energy projects.

In 2014, Cuel Wind Farm, Aela’s first project located in the Biobío region, went into operation. With an installed capacity of 33MW, the Cuel Wind Farm accounted for the largest capacity factor at national level during its first year of operation and the second largest during the following year.

In addition, Aela has two projects under construction: Sarco Wind Farm and Aurora Wind Farm. The Sarco Wind Farm is located in the Municipality of Freirina, Atacama Region, while the Aurora Wind Farm is located in the Municipality of Llanquihue, Los Lagos Region, and have a rated capacity of 170 MW and 129 MW respectively. When these two wind farms start operation, Aela will have a portfolio of three geographically distributed projects that will add up to 332 MW, positioning it among the largest non-conventional renewable energy generators in Chile.

In order to achieve our goal of 600 MW of installed capacity, at Aela we are permanently evaluating projects in operation or in advanced stages of development that meet our technical and economic standards to include them in our project portfolio.

Aela seeks to meet the energy needs of the country’s regulated customers and free consumers in the retail, mining, industry and residential fields that require secure and competitively priced supply. This is possible thanks to our experienced team of executives, the quality of our projects and international standing of our partners.