We are an non-conventional renewable energy generation company with a 332 MW wind power plant portfolio distributed throughout the country. Since our inception in 2013 to date, we have become the country’s largest independent power producer (IPP) of non-conventional renewable energy.

Our company is owned by a joint venture between Actis (60%), a global fund aimed at investing in developing countries and Mainstream Renewable Power (40%), a global developer of renewable energy projects.

In 2014, our first project, Cuel Wind Farm, located in the Biobío region, went into operation. With an installed capacity of 33 MW, the Cuel Wind Farm accounted for the largest plant factor at national level during its first year of operation and the second largest during the following year.

In 2015, when renewable energies were awarded for the first time the total supply tendered for regulated customers, we managed to obtain 65% of the contracts offered.

Thanks to this award and the obtainment of financing that is unique in Latin America, we constructed our largest wind farms, Sarco (170 MW, Freirina) and Aurora (129 MW, Llanquihue), which are in full operation.

Our 332 MW wind portfolio provides clean energy for more than 500 thousand homes and avoids the annual emission of 354 tons of CO2.

Our seal

As a company, we are motivated by the generation of clean energy, transforming our energy matrix and taking care of the environment.

This same premise encourages us to develop projects and becoming part of the territory and its communities, in a respectful and sustainable way.

From a social perspective, in addition to establishing an early dialogue and creating relationships of trust with our neighbors, we are deeply and voluntarily committed to local development.

To this end, we have field support professionals and an investment fund, aimed at implementing initiatives arising from the community’s own needs.

Under our work methodology, our role is to accompany and empower the community to achieve the success of these initiatives, as protagonists of their own development.