Los Ángeles, Biobío Region

Cuel Wind Farm participated in Sustainability Education Fair

It shared its experience and vision in the areas of clean energy, sustainable development, innovation and environmental protection.

November 15, 2018

“Co-Creating a sustainable municipality” is the slogan of the Sustainability Education Fair held in Los Angeles on November 14. On the occasion, Aela Energía’s Cuel Wind Farm participated enthusiastically in talks with the community on how renewable energies, especially wind energy, contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development.

The activity, organized by the Los Angeles DAEM Pedagogical Innovation and Education Program, which seeks to promote the creation of a sustainable municipality, included various activities, such as the Eco-Art Festival-Exhibition, an award presentation ceremony for teachers and students, and the great Dance for the Earth.

At the meeting, attended by regional authorities and representatives of companies and environmental and sustainability related organizations, over 50 stands participated from school communities, public institutions, higher education establishments, organizations and companies.

“Wind energy contributes directly to environmental care because it does not emit greenhouse gases,” remarked José Torres, Head of Community Relations at Cuel Wind Farm. “Our Cuel Wind Farm prevents the annual generation of 32,000 tons of CO2 into the environment, which is equivalent to taking 27,000 cars off the road”.

Cuel Wind Farm

The Cuel Wind Farm is located 12 km west from the city of Los Angeles, in the Biobío Region. It has 22 wind turbines that provide 33 MW of power and produces enough energy to supply electricity to 55,000 households.

The energy generated by the wind turbines is transmitted to a step-up station located in the wind farm and then, through a 3 km transmission line, conducted to the Santa Luisa substation of the National Electrical System (SEN).