Cuel Wind Farm and San Francisco Community Inaugurate Community Center

The project aims to carry out activities to improve the sector, such as training and community

October 27, 2018

Within the framework of Aela Energía’s community relations with the communities surrounding the Cuel Wind Farm in the Biobío Region, the San Francisco Community Center, located southwest from the city of Los Angeles, was inaugurated this weekend.

The project, co-financed by the Cuel Wind Farm (Aela Energía), the Buenos Aires Wind Farm (Enel), and the municipality of Los Angeles, aims to carry out activities to improve the sector, such as training and community entrepreneurship.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Mayor of the Los Angeles Municipality, Esteban Krause; Deputy José Pérez Arriagada; the municipal delegate of the Santa Fe sector, José Manuel Opazo; the provincial director of the Foundation for Women’s Development (Prodemu Biobío), Ruth Soto; and executives from Enel and Aela Energía.

After the event, the Mayor of Los Angeles noted that “At present, cities’ development is closely linked to joint work between public and private sectors. This alliance allows us to support our neighbors by improving their quality of life and achieving many of their dreams, which, without this contribution, may seem unattainable. Los Angeles is one of the most important municipalities in southern Chile, which is also positioning itself, because of its natural characteristics, as an energy development pole, therefore, initiatives of this type -which are linked to the community-will always be welcome and valued by the authorities and by our neighbors.”

Representing the community, the President of the Neighbors Association, Hector Espinoza, highlighted “the wind farm’s collaboration with the community since its arrival, which has resulted in projects and the management of complementary resources for their implementation.”

José Torres, head of Community Relations at Cuel Wind Farm,  noted  “We are happy to participate in the inauguration of this community center where neighbors can organize and carry out activities that improve their quality of life.”



The Cuel Wind Farm is located 12 km west from the city of Los Angeles, in the Biobío Region. It has 22 wind turbines that supply 33 MW of power and produce enough energy to supply electricity to 55,000 households.

The energy generated by wind turbines is transmitted to a step-up station located in the wind farm and then, through a 3 km transmission line, conducted to the Santa Luisa substation of the National Electrical System (SEN). The project started its business operations in February 2014.

Aela Energía is a renewable energy generation company, founded in 2013, with a business plan of over 600 MW and a US $1.4 billion investment in wind and solar projects throughout Chile.

The company currently operates the Cuel Wind Farm and is building the Aurora Wind Farm in the Los Lagos Region, which will have a nominal capacity of 129 MW, and the Sarco Wind Farm, which will have 170 MW.