Aurora Wind Farm  provides investment funds for community project development

In a ceremony attended by regional and municipal authorities, Aela Energía’s project under construction awarded funds to support the execution of 8 projects, in a first stage, that will benefit neighboring communities of the Aurora Wind Farm.

24 August 2018

Aurora Wind Farm and Aela Energía ratified their commitment to the community through the first delivery of Community Investment Funds (FIC), to finance various projects of the communities located in the Llanquihue Municipality: Lefnahuel and Carrillanca indigenous communities, and Coleaguel San Juan, El Quelín, Balmaceda Line, Loncotoro and Colonia Los Indios communities.

This was stipulated in a ceremony held last Friday in Llanquihue, attended by the Energy Seremi, Mr. Tomás Bollinger; the Mayor of Llanquihue, Mr. Víctor Angulo; Councillors; social organization leaders; community representatives and executives of Aela Energía.

“The Aurora Wind Farm has been extremely important for the development of the Municipality. It has always maintained a direct and forthright dialogue with each of the communities, and actually invests in community development projects, which we greatly appreciate,” said the Mayor of Llanquihue.

The Energy Seremi, in turn, highlighted the early liaison strategy carried out in the project. “This initiative follows the line we highlighted in our 2018-2022 Energy Route, the Ministry of Energy’s roadmap for the Administration of President Sebastián Piñera. The route was the result of a participatory process held throughout the country, and it captures citizen concerns and views in various energy-related matters. In regard to the relationship between communities and projects, it encourages early and effective dialogue in the development of energy infrastructure, and that is why we commend the agreement signed today. ”

Finally, José Poblete, Head of Community Relations of the Aurora Wind Farm, said that “the conclusion of the Agreement and award of this Community Investment fund is a very important milestone, both for the Aurora Wind Farm and for communities in the area, because after a process of over  four years of joint activities with the communities, and intense work in the development of these projects, a stage begins in which initiatives will be finally materialized to become real contributions to local development “.

The eight projects awarded resulted from an evaluation and selection process carried out by a committee made up of social organization representatives and the company’s executives. These initiatives will receive an approximate investment of $49 million and will be executed during the second half of 2018.

The projects that received funding include, for example, a “Business Venture in Mapuche Ethnic Tourism” and “Electrification of the Community Center using NCRE”.


The Aurora Wind Farm is a project in construction owned by Aela Energía, located in the city of Llanquihue, approximately 15 km from the Llanquihue municipality, Los Lagos Region.

The wind farm will have an installed capacity of 129 MW, equivalent to the energy consumption of approximately 195,000 households, and to date, two of the 43 wind turbines have been lifted.

The initiative will have an underground medium-voltage network that carries the energy produced from wind turbines to a step-up substation. Then, the energy will be injected into the National Electrical System, through a 73 km overhead power line that will join the wind farm with the Maitencillo substation.