Llanquihue, Los Lagos Region                                                                                     

Aela and the Municipality of Llanquihue Launch Coronavirus Prevention Campaign

Monday, September 28, 2020

The initiative seeks to sensitize the community by providing recommendations to strengthen self-care, social distancing and a series of measures focused on counteracting the effects of COVID-19 in the commune.

The Municipality of Llanquihue is making great efforts to combat Covid-19 in the commune. Thanks to a collaborative effort with Aurora Wind Farm and Los Volcanes Municipal Health Department (from the Spanish “Departamento de Salud Municipal” or “DESAM”), Mayor Victor Angulo led the official presentation of the preventive campaign: “Being separated today is the best effort to be together tomorrow”.
The initiative seeks to raise awareness across the community and promote self-care. To achieve this purpose, an identification of the main consultations on Coronavirus was made, giving way to the creation of radio phrases, graphics for social media and the distribution of flyers and posters to color, emphasizing the messages to stay home, to wash hands frequently with water and soap, the correct use of the mask and to avoid crowding when leaving home, among other recommendations.

The municipality also highlighted a set of video testimonials starring the neighbors themselves and DESAM staff. In total there were seven stories that told how their lives changed after the pandemic, how they have faced it together with their families, how they have adapted to their work and what to do in case they have symptoms or have been in contact with an infected person.
In this context, Mayor Victor Angulo stressed the importance of collaboration between public and private institutions to make possible a campaign close to the community. “This is an initiative made with the people and for the people that educates and invites to become aware, prioritizing the work with neighbors that represent different urban and rural sectors. I appreciate everyone’s commitment, especially our health officials,” said the community leader. The DESAM Director, Bernardita Almonacid, explained that “this is a communication campaign with a local identity, a different initiative in the context of the pandemic that is born from the people, which allows our neighbors to feel represented in the efforts we are making to take care of each other. Without a doubt, there are an enormous amount of informational products to bring the message to the community.
The Head of Community Relations of Aurora Wind Farm, Jose Poblete, said that: “we are very pleased to have fulfilled the goal of starting this joint partnership to support the crisis caused by the Coronavirus more than three months ago. We have put ourselves again at the service of the municipality to develop a series of initiatives focused on preventive communication and social-emotional containment, this after a very enriching process that involved people, allowing to extend the reach of the campaign thanks to the connection between neighbors”.
The strategy was also valued by the Head of the Regional Ministerial Health Department (from the Spanish “Secretaría Regional Ministerial de Salud” or “SEREMI”), Scarlett Molt, who expressed that: “these are the initiatives that we must replicate at times when the community feels vulnerable. The perception of risk has been decreasing and that provokes that the prevention measures are not fulfilled in a rigorous way, so we congratulate the Municipality of Llanquihue and we hope that everyone receives this message through other channels and interlocutors and not only by the authorities”.

To counteract the effects of the Coronavirus, the Municipal Health Department has reinforced telephone attention (65 2 240 408), home visits to its patients and free PCR exams in different sectors, emphasizing the Testing Protocol, Traceability and Isolation of the 52 active cases of Covid-19 in the commune.
Meanwhile, the Municipality of Llanquihue reported that it continues to monitor access with sanitary cordons, in addition to periodically sanitizing public spaces, neighborhood businesses and also rural sectors with the support of local firefighters and farmers, among other actions aimed at safeguarding the health of it’s neighbors.