Authorities make an inspection visit to Aurora Wind Farm

The Intendant and Energy Seremi of the Los Lagos Region and the Mayor of the Llanquihue Municipality toured the wind farm built by Aela Energía to learn about the project and its progress.

18 octubre 2018

An inspection visit to the Aurora wind farm that Aela Energía is building in the Llanquihue Municipality, was carried out last Thursday by the Regional Intendant, Harry Jürgenesen; The Energy Seremi of the Los Lagos Region, Tomás Bollinger, and the Mayor of Llanquihue, Víctor Angulo.

On the occasion, the authorities toured the facilities to keep abreast of the progress of wind farm works. The visit included sights of the first installed wind turbine, and the tower of a wind turbine in assembly and its various components positioned on the ground. They also visited the facilities of the electrical substation to see the equipment.

The Aurora wind farm will have an installed capacity of 129 MW, equivalent to the energy consumption of approximately 195,000 households and will have an underground transmission line that will carry the energy from the wind turbines to a substation. From there, the energy will be sent to the national electrical system to reach the country’s consumption centers.

When the project enters into operation, it will prevent the annual emission of 172,000 tons of CO2 equivalents, which is equal to approximately 140,000 cars withdrawn from use.

During the visit, the Intendant expressed that “we have learned in great detail what it means to build the Aurora Wind Farm, with high quality construction, state of the art technology and specialized personnel. We also highlight the work undertaken with the communities. This is an example of how to create awareness and present projects to the community, because the community often reacts due to misinformation. ”

The regional authority added that “everything related to care of the environment and the customs of the communities are evolving quite well. This wind farm will generate unconventional renewable energy to cater for three cities the size of Osorno. It is a contribution to the energy and quality of life of the people. In the region we are interested in getting to know this type of investment, because in addition it generates labor, over 220 people during all the works. This energy will be used not only for households, but also for large-scale industrial and business ventures.”

The Energy Seremi, Tomas Bollinger, indicated in turn that “one of the topics of the Energetic Route  is the development of the country’s energy levels and one of the goals is to reach 25% of unconventional renewable energies in the coming years. This helps us to decarbonize the country’s energy matrix so we can reduce the pollution that affects us in the south of Chile”. In addition, he indicated that the development of this type of technologies is very important for the country, because they are clean sources: ”Any project that is to be erected in the country should not only comply with the environmental impact assessment, but must also have an early relationship with the communities. When we talk about sustainable energy, there are three fundamental pillars: Economic, that is to say, that they are competitive projects; Environmental, that they meet all environmental and social requirements, which starts with presenting the projects and influencing their development. ”

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Llanquihue, Víctor Angulo, said that “we know for a fact that we must generate energy for both households and businesses, so the wind farm has been fundamental. But especially in its relationship with the communities, they have been working on this for five years, and the closeness they have achieved is spectacular. This energy project is an example of how things should be done. Here, the company, the environment and development can coexist, but it has to be done well, like the wind farm has done it. ”

Finally, José Luis Muñoz, General Manager of the Aurora Wind Farm, was very pleased with the meeting: “We are pleased to be able to share with the authorities the progress made in the construction of the Aurora wind farm, a project that will contribute to the decarbonization process of the national energy Matrix and the reduction of CO2 emissions.”  Muñoz added “for the construction and operation of the wind farm, Aela Energía adheres to the highest standards of safety, environmental care and integration to the territory and communities.”