Aurora Wind Farm and Lefnahuel indigenous community inaugurate Community Center

The project will benefit over 100 neighbors who will have a multipurpose space to carry out various activities.

11 octubre 2018

The Aurora Wind Farm marked a new milestone in its commitment to local development yesterday, after the official inauguration of the Lefnahuel Community Center in Llanquihue, Los Lagos Region. This project was materialized thanks to the joint work of the Lefnahuel indigenous community and the Wind Farm, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Llanquihue.

The inauguration ceremony took place in Coleaguel Grande, in the Llanquihue municipality, and was attended by Mayor Víctor Angulo, Congressman Fidel Espinoza, city councillors,  Aela Energìa’s Manager of Environment and Communities, Nicolás Espinoza, Aurora Wind Farm’s Head of Community Relations, José Poblete, and community leaders and representatives of neighboring organizations.

The project, which will benefit over 100 residents of the area and was launched in February of this year, aimed to create a multipurpose space where the community can carry out various activities, such as gastronomic endeavors, workshops, and cultural and training events.

To this end, the Municipality of Llanquihue turned over to the community a property in disuse, through a 25-year-old loan. Since it was not in appropriate conditions, the community undertook a restoration project with the support of the Aurora Wind Farm.

“I want to thank the community and the Aurora wind farm because, unlike other companies, they have made a difference since their arrival. From the first minute, they connected with the communities and this is how it should work,” said the Mayor, who added that this joint work between communities, a private company and a municipality, is an example that should be followed. “I invite other companies to copy the model because it has been very important for the Llanquihue communities.”

Congressman Espinoza remarked: “This shows that you can link the work of a private company, which comes to undertake a project, with work with the community, and  the municipality, in this case of Llanquihue, which has turned out to be an effective collaborator” and added that “this is not a project that culminates with this community center, but rather starts here. In the next 20 years, the company will have active participation with the communities, contributing to the development of the municipality where they decided to settle. This is a great challenge, for companies with a corporate social responsibility spirit to come here. ”

On the part of the company, José Poblete, Head of Community Relations, highlighted the process behind this milestone, indicating that “we formed a joint working table with the community to identify their needs and support them. In that sense, we are very happy to have helped to foster this community center that materializes a local aspiration. ”


The Aurora wind farm is an electrical generation project in construction, owned by Aela Energía, located in the Municipality of Llanquihue, Los Lagos Region.

The wind farm will have an installed capacity of 129 MW, equivalent to the energy consumption of approximately 195,000 households and have an underground transmission line that will carry the energy from the wind turbines to a step-up substation, from where It will be injected into the national electrical system (SEN) and taken to the country’s consumption centers.