Aela invited to FOREDE Seminar

Copiapó, 24 November 2016

The Status of Investment Projects in Atacama seminar was held in the framework of the Regional Development Forum (FOREDE) organized by CORPROA. Aela was invited to give a briefing on its Sarco wind farm project with representatives from other investment projects in the region in the mining business: Nueva Unión, Candelaria 2030, Gold Fields, Kingross Fase 7 and Mantos Copper.

Daniel Garrido, Commercial Director of Aela, referred to wind energy growth in the world and in Chile and to the Sarco Wind Project, its technical details, construction phases and relevance for the region, and to the wind farm’s area of influence in particular.

"This outlook pursues community capacity building, rather than a relationship based on short-term actions "

Daniel Garrido

Garrido underscored the company’ focus on contributing to long-term local development. In this respect he noted that Aela promotes a variety of projects according to the interests of communities, articulating institutions and public and own funds, and offering fund application assistance.  “This outlook pursues community capacity building, rather than a relationship based on short-term actions”, Garrido said. To illustrate this point, the executive mentioned initiatives carried out at Aela’s Cuel Wind Farm, which operates in the Biobío region since 2014: support to new endeavors; upgrading of infrastructure such as roads and community venues; craft training, incentive plans and technical tours; and tackling environmental issues such as waste management, recycling, tree planting, efficient use of energy and water, among others.

In the presentation, Garrido also highlighted the fact that the Sarco Wind Farm will form – with the nearby San Juan and Cabo Leones Wind Farms – a wind pole with a joint installed capacity of over 700 MW, equivalent to the country’s largest wind farm complex.