Aurora Wind Farm successfully ends training courses to Llanquihue communities

Llanquihue, August 19 2016.

With a solemn ceremony, the training program, organized under the Aurora Wind Farm frame, to neighbours of Colegual Grande, Colegual San Juan, Colegual la Esperanza, Loncotoro, El Quelin and Colonia Los Indios locations, from Llanquihue district, was end.

The event took place in the German Club Gimnástico from Llanquihue, and was attended by more than 100 people, including local and regional authorities, representatives of the trainer institution (Fundación CADES), of Aela Energía and Mainstream, and participants of the courses from different locations.    Participants were trained in different areas such as heavy machinery, food handling and ironwork.

These courses carried out are fundamental within the commitment policy that Aurora Wind Farm has with the local development. “All training courses resulted very significant for the participants, given that they were focused in areas that will allow them an efficient development within the labour market. We are satisfied with the result and we expect to keep strengthening our ties with the Llanquihue community”, points out José Poblete, Head of Wind Farm Community Relations.

During the ceremony, participants were all awarded a diploma in recognition of their participation. They all agreed that to obtain tangible tools that enable their integration to the labour market, increasing their competences and opportunities, means a great benefit for Llanquihue communities.

"Courses constitute a concrete benefit for communities allowing them to obtain tools that help them to insert and stay in the labour market"

The application process was opened to all of the Llanquihue community, and despite there was not a quota limit, each of the applicants were evaluated by the trainer institution according to the legal requirements to carry on the courses. The food handling course and ironwork course dictated by Fundación CADES, institution with vast experience in training, that is characterized by designing training programs in different trades. Meanwhile, the driving courses were taught by Automóvil Club de Chile.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the district mayor, Mr. Víctor Angulo, specially thanked to Aurora Wind Farm for the facilities given to the local residents to be able to obtain training. In this respect, he pointed that “nowadays, training is an essential means of development and that way improve the living conditions of all of us”.

“It is good that the Llanquihue municipality recovers the trust in the private company”, the authority added.

Aurora Wind Farm

The Aurora Wind Farm, that will start this year its construction, is located in Llanquihue commune, 15 km from the municipality. It will have 43 wind turbines, it will have a maximum estimated capacity of 129 MW and it is expected that it begins its operations at the end of 2017. It is estimated that the Aurora Wind Farm will provide clean and sustainable energy to more than 215 homes per year.