Second successive energy auction award for Aela Energía in a process for regulated clients

Santiago, August 17 2016

Aela Energía, a Chilean power generation company has been awarded 88 GWh/year in energy auction 2015/01, carried out in July 2016. This follows a win in October 2015 which saw Aela awarded 65% (768 GWh anuales) of the October 2015 auction.

The results of the last auction, which was for 12.430 GWh/year, were announced on August 17th. The allocation represents one third of the regulated consumption of Chile.

The new Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which start in January 2021, consolidate Aela’s commercialization strategy for the company’s portfolio of projects including Sarco, Aurora and Cuel wind farms, which nominally have around 332 MW in total.

According to the CNE, this process is a milestone in the Chilean power industry because it involved the participation of 84 proponents reaching the lowest prices since 2006 and it had a high level of competitiveness of NCRE projects.

After the results were published, Daniel Garrido, Commercial Manager of Aela, highlighted this fact as a new milestone in the company growth strategy. In this regard, he commented that “this result is very good news for our company, because it confirms our competitiveness and reinforces our commitment to Chilean residential customers”.

This result demonstrates Aela’s momentum in the NCRE market and progress in its goal of materializing a 600 MW portfolio, equivalent to a total investment of US$1.400 million.

Second successive energy auction award for Aela Energía in a process for regulated clients

Aela projects portfolio

The PPAs awarded in the last power tender will be backed by the Company portfolio of projects which comprises of: Cuel (Biobío region), operating since 2014, Sarco (Atacama region) and Aurora (Los Lagos region), both started construction this year.

Daniel Garrido states that “the wind turbines to be installed in both wind farms will be cutting edge technology, which will deliver better performance and make better use of the wind resource”. Meanwhile, Garrido explained that “in Sarco and Aurora these wind turbines will have nominal capacity of 3.4 MW and 3 MW respectively and it is expected that both projects have a capacity factor of over 30%, which is a relevant and remarkable performance in the national context.”