Aela’s intervention in discussion panel from FORO SIC

Concepción, July 5th, 2016

This event included a panel on, among other topics, price projections for the coming tender and results of previous tenders in Peru and Mexico.

The panel’s participants were: Cristian Luhr, Head of Energy Auctions Unit at Comisión Nacional de Energía, Fernando Cubillos, Antuko General Manager and Daniel Garrido, Aela Commercial Manager.

The Fourth version of ForoSIC was held in Concepción, preceding the largest tender for regulated customers scheduled to take place in July 2016.

With regard to the oncoming tender, panelists agreed that it will be very competitive, with many more players than those participating in the 2015 tender.

As for the prices obtained in the recent tenders in Peru and Mexico, they remarked that it will be difficult for Chile’s prices to match them, since the scenarios cannot be directly compared without prior adjustments, due to the many differences in capital costs, risks and wind resources.