Aela Energía Interview in CNN Chile

August 25, 2017

In an interview, he gave to CNN Chile’s “Agenda Económica” program, Aela Energia’s Commercial Manager Daniel Garrido addressed various topics on the Company and non-conventional renewable energy (NCRE).

Garrido referred to Aela Energía’s role in the NCRE market and its projections in the energy business.  He highlighted the company’s recent milestone:  obtaining US$410 million to finance, jointly with shareholders, the construction of two wind farms, Sarco and Aurora, located in the Municipalities of Freirina and Llanquihue, respectively, in addition to re-financing the Cuel Wind Farm, in operation, located in the Municipality of Los Angeles.

Garrido pointed out that thanks to this financing and the construction of both wind farms, “by the end of 2018 we will be the country’s second largest company in terms of NCRE installed capacity.” He added that, from its inception, Aela has been a relevant player in the market, “in 2015 we were awarded 65% of the distributors’ tender, beating the prices of all types of technologies”.

The program also addressed community relations issues.  In this regard, Aela’s Commercial Manager remarked that “we work with the community, we become involved with them, we provide training, help them with infrastructure projects.  The two projects we are currently building are a very clear example of this.  We started working on them three years ago, identifying their needs and creating value together.”

As for the future of NCRE in Chile, Daniel Garrido provided relevant data regarding the projection of this type of energy in the market.