In this stage, that begins once the construction is finished, the wind and solar energy start to be exploited by the wind turbines or solar panels, depending on the central type. This stage includes periodic maintenance of the facilities.
So far, Aela has one wind farm under operation, named Cuel, of 33 MW capacity, located in the Biobío Region. The Cuel wind farm started its commercial operation in February 2014 and has shown an outstanding performance during these first years, ranking among the two wind farms with the best capacity factor of the country.


This wind farm has 33 MW of installed capacity and is located in the Biobío region, 12 km west of Los Angeles city.

Cuel has 22 wind turbines distributed in mainly flat lands devoted to agriculture, livestock and forestry. It also has a booster substation.

The wind farm began its power injections to the grid in December 11th under a trial period and began its commercial operations in February 5th, 2014.

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